Celebrate Labor Day in Destin with SunVenture Cruises

Celebrate Labor Day in Destin with SunVenture Cruises

Spend Labor Day in Destin on the Water with SunVenture Cruises

What better way to celebrate Labor Day in Destin Florida than on the water? Relax is the key word for Labor Day weekend and our convenient cruises in Destin make it affordable and easy to do. SunVenture Cruises offers three different types of Destin cruises chartered by our Coast-Guard licensed captains so you can relax this Labor Day weekend. You bring your friends and cooler and we’ll take you to the best spots on the water to enjoy one of the last weekends of summer on the water.

Crab Island Cruise Schedule for Labor Day Weekend

sunventure cruises crab island 2019
If you want to be in the epicenter of fun for Labor Day weekend in Destin, the only place to be is Crab Island. This underwater playground is one of the top things to do in Destin for Labor Day as you will see people just relaxing in the waist-deep, emerald green waters and soaking up the fun in the sun. From relaxing on floats to kayaks to inflatable water parks, there’s something for everyone at Crab Island. It’s only accessible by boat and only relaxing if you let someone take you. Our captains know how to navigate the busy waters and anchor at the perfect spot while you enjoy a stress-free day.
There are a variety of times that you can take a Crab Island Cruise from SunVenture. During the weekday, there is a half-day (4 hour) Crab Island cruise that leaves at 11 or 12 or on the weekends, you can choose a later Crab Island Cruise at 1:30 pm. The price of the Crab Island cruises is a fraction of the cost of renting a pontoon boat in Destin Florida and a lot more convenient as we do all the work. These Crab Island cruises sell out every year so the sooner you make your reservation, the better!

Dolphin Sunset Cruises for Labor Day Weekend in Destin

sunset cruise destin fl_sunventure I
Set out on the emerald green waters of Destin to experience a breathtaking Sunset and Dolphin Cruise this Labor Day Weekend. Our captains ‘venture’ out daily for Dolphin cruises and know their favorite spots. The seats on the SunVenture give you the closest and most personal view of dolphins as they play and frolic alongside the boat. Along the way, you will also learn some interesting facts about the Destin Harbor and the native dolphins. The ever-changing sunset serves as a backdrop for your dolphin cruise as the sky is painted in oranges, pinks and yellows. There’s no better way to see the sunset in Destin than on the water with SunVenture Cruises.
Our one and a half hour Destin Sunset and Dolphin Cruises depart daily at 6 pm. Enjoy a leisure, narrated tour of the local waters followed by a fun quest to find dolphins and watching the sun set over the iconic Destin Harbor. Bring your camera to capture all the exciting memories aboard the Sunset and Dolphin Cruise. Make your reservation for the Dolphin Sunset cruise today.

Destin Harbor Fireworks Cruises for Labor Day Weekend

Make the last few weekends of summer count by having a blast on Labor Day with an unforgettable Fireworks Show on the water. The Labor Day Celebration at Harborwalk Village at the Destin Harbor is best experienced from the water on SunVenture Cruises. This is the only place in Destin to watch fireworks on Labor Day weekend. Our special Sunset, Dolphin, Harbor and Fireworks Cruise combines the best of our cruises with a night on the water that you will never forget. This two-hour cruise includes a relaxing, narrated cruise around the Destin Harbor as we search for dolphins and watch the sun set. Then as the sky darkens, fireworks from the Destin Harbor will light up the sky above you. Enjoy the best view of the fireworks in Destin on SunVenture Cruises.
This special cruise is only offered on Sunday, August 1st at 7 pm for Labor Day weekend in Destin Florida. This is one of the top things to do in Destin for Labor Day and this cruise will sell out so make your reservation today.
We wish everyone a relaxing and safe Labor Day weekend!

Private Cruises in Destin Florida for All Occasions

Private Cruises in Destin Florida for All Occasions

Destin Private Cruises to Celebrate Any and All Occasions

Destin Florida is a picture perfect place to celebrate any occasion whether it’s a small family reunion, a large wedding or a fun birthday party. What better place to celebrate in Destin than on the pristine emerald green waters? Treat your guests to an unforgettable experience on the water with a SunVenture private cruise for birthdays, weddings, family reunions, bachelor / bachelorette parties or any other occasion.
This year, SunVenture Cruises expanded to include another catamaran, the SunVenture II. With this new addition, we can now take both catamarans out at the same time to host up to 98 people for a private cruise in Destin. How great is that? Big or small, we can help you plan a fun private charter for your group. Our company includes event planners, flexible packages and more. Both catamarans are perfect for private cruises with open air arrangements, state-of-the-art sound systems, restroom on board, entertaining captains / staff and catering options.
Here are some of the top ways that our guests have celebrated with Destin private cruises aboard the SunVenture:

Birthday Parties

destin private cruises ladies brunchMost people don’t think to take their birthday party in Destin to the water but why not? Think outside the box and host your birthday party aboard the SunVenture catamaran. We can help you host a fun sunset dolphin cruise or a day of swimming and fun at Crab Island. Our captains and event planners will work with you on a flexible package that fits your wants and budget. We can even arrange for catering aboard all Destin private cruises. Regardless of how big or small your vision is, we would love to help you make it happen to celebrate an unforgettable birthday party on the water.

Destination Wedding Celebrations

A Destination Wedding in Destin Florida must include a cruise for your guests and family to experience the beautiful dolphins and Sunventure II Crab Island cruises croppedemerald green waters. SunVenture Cruises has hosted all types of Destin private cruises for destination wedding weekends. A Sunset Dolphin Cruise or Fireworks Harbor Cruise could be the perfect way to kick off your destination wedding weekend on the water. Or a Crab Island cruise could be the perfect way to celebrate the day after your wedding with one last, unforgettable experience before everyone heads home.

Family Reunions in Destin

destin harbor emerald grande fireworks cruiseLooking for fun Family Reunion ideas? Most people are looking for fun, creative, unique family reunion ideas that offer something for everyone. A SunVenture private cruise is one of the top things to do in Destin Florida, offering hours of fun on the water for guests of all ages. Our catamarans offer shaded areas and seats that give you the closest views of the water and dolphins. We have hosted many family reunions in Destin Florida, with our Sunset Dolphin Cruises and Fireworks Destin Harbor Cruises being the most popular options. Our entertaining captains will keep you entertained as you cruise the beautiful waters and enjoy the best that Destin has to offer.

Bachelor / Bachelorette Parties

Looking for bachelor / bachelorette party ideas in Destin Florida? There’s really only one place to have the ultimate Bachelor / private cruises destin florida group heartsBachelorette party in Destin – the one and only Crab Island. Spend the day relaxing and having fun in the waist-deep, pristine waters of Destin with your friends on a Crab Island Cruise. Whether it’s a joint bachelor / bachelorette party or separate, there’s fun for everyone at Crab Island. You can relax as you float on the water or take it up a notch at the inflatable water park. Bring your own drinks and we can help you cater the food. Our boat and captains stay with you the entire time to ensure you have every convenience at your fingertips, including a restroom on board.
We also offer low-key bachelor / bachelorette party ideas including a relaxing Sunset Dolphin Cruise or a Fireworks Harbor cruise. Just give us a call and together we can help you plan the perfect outing! Contact us today and let’s get started planning your private cruise adventure!

Your Crab Island Questions Answered

Your Crab Island Questions Answered

If you live or vacation in Destin Florida, Crab Island has to be on your summer bucket list. All the talk throughout the summer is Crab Island, one of the top things to do in Destin. Our summer visitors and friends are curious about Crab Island, which is by far our most popular cruise at SunVenture Cruises. We take two daily trips to this underwater sandbar for guests to enjoy an unforgettable day of relaxing and having fun in the sun. Our captains and staff get a variety of questions each week about what Crab Island is, what there is to do, how to get out there, etc. so we are answering some of the most frequently asked questions. Learn everything you need to know before you hit this must-see attraction in Destin Florida.


What is Crab Island?

Surprisingly Crab Island is not an island but it use to be. Crab Island got its name because it was a small island shaped like a crab before a hurricane submerged it. Today, it’s a shallow, underwater sandbar near the iconic Destin bridge that is the epicenter of fun in Destin Florida as boats anchor and people wade in the waist-deep emerald green waters. Drive over the Destin bridge any day in the summer and you can’t miss Crab Island with hundreds of anchored boats and people relaxing and catching rays from the water or on floats. There are also a variety of attractions such as floating food vendors, inflatable water slides and more.
Crab Island is so popular with locals and visitors alike because of what a breathtaking and unique experience it is – how often do you get to hang out in the middle of waist deep, emerald green waters with friends? From paddle boarding to kayaking to music, inflatables and people lounging, there’s something for everyone of all ages. It’s an attraction unlike any other that you have to experience for yourself.

How do you get out to Crab Island?

sunventure cruises crab island 2019Since Crab Island is out in the middle of the waters, the only and safest way to get out there is by boat. On the busiest days in the summer (typically Wednesday through Sunday) there could be hundreds of boats anchored and hundreds of people wading in the water. That’s why the safest way to get to Crab Island is by letting an experienced captain take you. The SunVenture Cruises captains take two trips daily to Crab Island at both the Destin location and the Okaloosa Island location. Our Coast-guard licensed captains are well versed on navigating the busy waters as well as knowledgeable about the varied depths of Crab Island. They know just right the location to anchor and how to anchor safely around the hundreds of other boats and people.

Unlike boat shuttle services, our boats and captains stay with you the entire time so you have full access to shade, restrooms and your coolers. Renting a pontoon boat in Destin can be very expensive and less convenient than a SunVenture Cruise. Our Crab Island cruises cost a fraction of the price and our captains do all the work so you enjoy a stress-free day on the water.

How deep is the water?

The average depth of the water at Crab Island is 3 feet. Perfect for relaxing but ever more reason for boat drivers to be cautious. There are some spots that are deeper and others that are more shallow – another reason why it’s better to ride with an experienced captain who knows how to navigate the busy waters and varied depths.

What is there to do at Crab Island?

Sunventure II Crab Island cruises croppedThere’s something for everyone of all ages at Crab Island. Whether you want to relax or want an adventure, it’s all available at Crab Island. You will find many people lounging on floats in the water and listening to music. You will see people renting paddle boards or kayaks to explore the emerald green waters. Floating food vendors are also around and open daily. One of the most popular attractions is the inflatable water park with trampolines, obstacle courses and more. All these Crab Island activities cost an additional price based on the particular vendor so bring additional cash to enjoy these amenities.
Can you drink alcohol at Crab Island?

Vendors are no longer allowed to sell alcohol at Crab Island but guests are welcome to bring their own. If you want to enjoy a safe day of drinking on the water, SunVenture Cruises is the safest option. Guests are welcome to bring their own cooler and have access to it the entire time we are at Crab Island. Our captains do the driving and anchoring and you have fun at a fraction of the price of renting a pontoon boat.

Is Crab Island kid-friendly?
Yes, Crab Island is a popular place for kids and families to enjoy the beautiful emerald green waters. Peak hours for Crab Island are in the afternoon and so kids and families are recommended to go on our early Crab Island cruise to avoid the heat and crowds. The 3-hour morning Crab Island cruise is great for families with small children or those who want to enjoy Crab Island before the afternoon heat settles in. Our 4-hour Crab Island excursion is perfect for those who want to enjoy all that Crab Island has to offer. This afternoon trip is great for those looking for a little bit more time to relax and play.

Are there crabs at Crab Island?

Again, contrary to its name, Crab Island is not an island full of crabs. But you might find local sea life swimming in the emerald green waters of Crab Island including small crabs, fish, hermit crabs, dolphins and more. Our captains are always on the lookout for dolphins as they venture out to Crab Island.

Is there a bathroom at Crab Island?

If you are not on a boat with a restroom, then there is a vendor that you can pay to use a portable bathroom. Luckily, both the SunVenture I and SunVenture II have restrooms on board and our boats stay with you the entire time so you have full access. A huge plus in a time of need and another convenient reason to cruise with us to Crab Island.

What should I bring to Crab Island?
Even if you don’t plan to get in the water you might get wet on the boat so plan accordingly. On SunVenture Cruises, we allow personal coolers that will fit under your seat. For Crab Island, we suggest a towel, sunscreen, extra cash for Crab Island activities if you want to do them, bathing suit, flip flops, waterproof camera or waterproof pouch for your phone.

SunVenture Cruises offers daily cruises to Crab Island. You can join us at 9:45 am for a 3 hour Crab Island Cruise or at 1:30 pm for a four hour Crab Island excursion from either the Destin Harbor location or from Okaloosa Island. Check out our daily Crab Island Cruises schedule and enjoy the most relaxing, convenient and affordable way to experience the one and only Crab Island.

Best Boat Tours and Cruises in Destin | 2019 Tripadvisor Award

Best Boat Tours and Cruises in Destin | 2019 Tripadvisor Award

SunVenture Cruises Named One of the Top Boat Tours and Cruises in Destin by Tripadvisor for Third Consecutive Year

best destin cruises tripadvisor 2019 sunventure picSunVenture Cruises has earned the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Award for the third consecutive year as one of the top Boat Tours and Cruises in Destin Florida. The achievement celebrates businesses that are consistently excellent – having earned great traveler reviews on TripAdvisor over the past year. SunVenture Cruises is a leisure cruise company with locations at the Destin Harbor and Okaloosa Island, offering daily summer cruises to Crab Island, Dolphin Sunset Cruises, Fireworks Cruises and Private Cruises. SunVenture Cruises has been consistently rated as one of the top things to do in Destin as well as one of the top chartered cruises in the area, based on reviews and testimonials.

“This award is extremely valuable to us because it is solely based on guest reviews. To earn this award for three consecutive years speaks volumes to the level of service, value and overall experience that our team provides. It is consistently our goal to exceed our guests’ expectations with an unforgettable experience on the water,” stated James Murray, proprietor for SunQuest Cruises the parent company to SunVenture Cruises.

For the past three consecutive years, SunVenture Cruises has earned this honor due to consistently high reviews from guests on the convenience, level of service and unforgettable experience offered on all our cruises. The Certificate of Excellence accounts for the quality, quantity and recency of reviews submitted by travelers on TripAdvisor over a 12-month period. To qualify, a business must maintain an overall TripAdvisor bubble rating of at least four out of five, have a minimum number of reviews and must have been listed on TripAdvisor for at least 12 months.

“TripAdvisor is excited to announce the recipients of the 2019 Certificate of Excellence, which for nearly a decade has celebrated businesses that have consistently received positive ratings from travelers and diners on the world’s largest travel platform,” said Neela Pal, Vice President of Brand, TripAdvisor. “This recognition allows us to publicly recognize businesses that are actively taking into account customer feedback to help travelers confidently experience the most highly reviewed places to eat, stay, and explore.”

TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site. Certificate of Excellence recipients include restaurants, accommodations and attractions located all over the world that have continually delivered a quality customer experience. Guests have consistently rated SunVenture Cruises with four and five-star ratings for its service, value and overall experience.

Great Service on Cruises From Beginning to End

crab island destin fl captainsOur Coast-guard licensed captains are experts on the water so you can sit back and relax in the sun. Our captains will keep you educated and entertained as they navigate the busy waters of the Destin area. Our goal is to give our guests a stress-free, safe experience on the water. Whether it’s finding the perfect spot to watch dolphins, the sunset or fireworks or anchoring at Crab Island, our captains and deckhands are with you from beginning to end to make sure you have fun and are safe. While anchored at Crab Island, our crew is at your service to help you on and off the boat where you have full access to the boat, shade, your cooler and a restroom.

“Easy booking online, easy to find, and a great time!! Boat is nice, not overly crowded. Captain did a great job. Used SunVenture twice during our vacation. Once from Destin and once from Okaloosa Island. Enjoyed the boat ride out from Okaloosa a little more. They can go a little faster. Kids loved that!! And it was easier traffic wise if you are staying in Fort Walton to use the Okaloosa Island location. But recommend both locations. Great service and you feel safe and don’t have to worry about a thing. Take a float to Crab Island and they will take care of blowing it up for you!!! Makes the trip even better!! There is a restroom on board which helped having kids on trip..” – June 2019 review from Heather

It’s All About the Value & Convenience on Our Cruises

destin florida dolphin sunset cruises svc ISunVenture Cruises is a much more affordable and convenient alternative to renting a boat in Destin Fl. Taking a Captain-Chartered Cruise is a fraction of the price of renting a pontoon boat, not to mention avoiding the hassle of driving the boat. Guests are invited to bring their cooler on-board and enjoy a day in the sun while our Captains drive. Now SunVenture Cruises makes it even more convenient with a second location at Okaloosa Island, offering more cruise options.
“Capt Lowry, Mark and Cynthia made our cruise to Crab Island worth every penny! Booked by phone with Cynthia and she was awesome with information! She was very helpful with directions and had plenty of answers to all my questions. There is no alcohol for sale at Crab Island anymore and you’re allowed to BYOB on this boat, just no glass. Capt Lowry and Deckhand Mark were awesome! So fun to talk to made sure everyone had a great time. Snacks and drinks on the boat (water, soda, etc) were $2 each, cash. You can also rent a paddleboard or kayak from them to try out around Crab Island! Our trip was a ton of fun and so much cheaper and safer than renting our own boat. Thank you Cynthia, Capt Lowry and Mark for a great time! We will be back!” – May 2019 review by Sarah

Embark on an Unforgettable Cruise Experience

sunventure cruises crab island 2019The mission of SunVenture Cruises is to offer unparalleled, unforgettable experiences on the water for all cruises including Crab Island Cruises, Sunset Dolphin Cruises, Sunset Dolphin Fireworks Cruises and private cruises. Our Crab Island cruises and Sunset Dolphin Fireworks Cruises are rated as some of the top things to do in Destin. The easiest way to experience the one and only Crab Island is on a chartered, stress free SunVenture Cruise where we do the driving, anchor and stay with you with a restroom on-board, shade and access to your cooler. You enjoy your Crab Island experience and we’ll do all the work.
“My family had the most incredible experience. We can confidently say it was by far our favorite thing we did in Destin. Our captain and 1st mate were nothing short of phenomenal and were very good with the kids. They made sure our dolphin tour was interactive and the fireworks were also amazing. We will be back next year!.” – May 2019 review by Daniel
We invite you to embark on a memorable voyage aboard SunVenture Cruises and experience for yourself why we’ve earned TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence Award for 3 consecutive years. We have daily summer cruises from both our Destin Harbor and Okaloosa Island locations – view our schedule. Enjoy daily cruises to Crab Island, Sunset Dolphin Cruises, Sunset Dolphin Fireworks Cruises and Private Cruises. We hope you have an amazing summer on the water!

Best Way to See the Destin Harbor Fireworks | SunVenture Cruises

Best Way to See the Destin Harbor Fireworks | SunVenture Cruises

Enjoy the Destin Harbor Fireworks from SunVenture Cruises

Summer time means weekly fireworks from the Destin Harbor and Emerald Grande every Thursday night. Watching the fireworks in Destin should definitely be at the top of your list of things to do in Destin Fl. Avoid the crowds and ‘venture’ aboard SunVenture Cruises for an unforgettable Sunset, Dolphin and Fireworks cruise – all the fun in one cruise. The best way to explore the local Destin waters and watch the Destin Harbor fireworks is with our captains who will make it fun, entertaining and educational. Our weekly Destin Harbor Fireworks Cruises are perfect for all ages, whether it’s a family on a Destin beach vacation or a couple looking for a memorable night out on the town. Either way, be prepared for a magical and unforgettable night on the water!

Dolphin Cruise

dolphin cruise destin fl
Enjoy your own personal seat aboard the SunVenture I from the Destin Harbor or the SunVenture II from Okaloosa Island. Both boats feature open air arrangements, shaded areas and plenty of seating that is close to the water so you can get the best views and the best pictures. Your two-hour Sunset, Dolphin and Fireworks cruise begins with a narrated tour of the local waters by our Coast-Guard licensed captains. They are the local experts on the water and will take you on a quest to find our local dolphins at some of their favorite spots. You will get the most up close and personal views of our local dolphins from your seat on the SunVenture. Also, learn some interesting history and facts about Destin Florida and our local waters as you enjoy a leisure cruise through the pristine Emerald green waters.

Sunset & Fireworks Cruise

destin florida dolphin sunset cruises svc I
As you leisurely cruise the waters, enjoy ever-changing views of the picturesque sunset as it descends over the Destin bridge and the Destin Harbor. A sunset dolphin cruise is definitely one of the top things to do in Destin but our night doesn’t end there. Our cruise ends with a bang as the sky darkens and then illuminates with vibrant fireworks from the Destin Harbor and Emerald Grande. It’s an All-American celebration every Thursday night for the Red, White and Blue Heroes Fireworks from the Emerald Grande. Our captains know the perfect spot to watch the Destin fireworks so you can enjoy the best seat in the house and take the best pictures.
Check off three things on your Destin summer vacation bucket list with our weekly Sunset, Dolphin and Fireworks cruises – the best of all worlds. Our weekly Fireworks cruises occur every Thursday night in the summer from 7 – 9 pm. SunVenture Cruises is also one of the best ways to watch the 4th of July fireworks over the Destin Harbor. Our SunVenture I 4th of July Fireworks Cruise from Destin is sold out but there is still availability on the SunVenture II from Okaloosa Island. Make your 4th of July Fireworks Cruise reservation today.
destin harbor emerald grande fireworks cruise
There are two convenient locations to book your cruise from. Choose to cruise on the SunVenture I, docked at the heart of the Destin Harbor, or five miles away at the SunVenture II on Okaloosa Island across from The Island Hotel at Dock on the Island. Remember, if you can’t find availability at one location, check the other. Click here to view our schedules and conveniently book your cruise online. We hope to see you on the water soon!