Your Crab Island Questions Answered

Your Crab Island Questions Answered

If you live or vacation in Destin Florida, Crab Island has to be on your summer bucket list. All the talk throughout the summer is Crab Island, one of the top things to do in Destin. Our summer visitors and friends are curious about Crab Island, which is by far our most popular cruise at SunVenture Cruises. We take two daily trips to this underwater sandbar for guests to enjoy an unforgettable day of relaxing and having fun in the sun. Our captains and staff get a variety of questions each week about what Crab Island is, what there is to do, how to get out there, etc. so we are answering some of the most frequently asked questions. Learn everything you need to know before you hit this must-see attraction in Destin Florida.


What is Crab Island?

Surprisingly Crab Island is not an island but it use to be. Crab Island got its name because it was a small island shaped like a crab before a hurricane submerged it. Today, it’s a shallow, underwater sandbar near the iconic Destin bridge that is the epicenter of fun in Destin Florida as boats anchor and people wade in the waist-deep emerald green waters. Drive over the Destin bridge any day in the summer and you can’t miss Crab Island with hundreds of anchored boats and people relaxing and catching rays from the water or on floats. There are also a variety of attractions such as floating food vendors, inflatable water slides and more.
Crab Island is so popular with locals and visitors alike because of what a breathtaking and unique experience it is – how often do you get to hang out in the middle of waist deep, emerald green waters with friends? From paddle boarding to kayaking to music, inflatables and people lounging, there’s something for everyone of all ages. It’s an attraction unlike any other that you have to experience for yourself.

How do you get out to Crab Island?

sunventure cruises crab island 2019Since Crab Island is out in the middle of the waters, the only and safest way to get out there is by boat. On the busiest days in the summer (typically Wednesday through Sunday) there could be hundreds of boats anchored and hundreds of people wading in the water. That’s why the safest way to get to Crab Island is by letting an experienced captain take you. The SunVenture Cruises captains take two trips daily to Crab Island at both the Destin location and the Okaloosa Island location. Our Coast-guard licensed captains are well versed on navigating the busy waters as well as knowledgeable about the varied depths of Crab Island. They know just right the location to anchor and how to anchor safely around the hundreds of other boats and people.

Unlike boat shuttle services, our boats and captains stay with you the entire time so you have full access to shade, restrooms and your coolers. Renting a pontoon boat in Destin can be very expensive and less convenient than a SunVenture Cruise. Our Crab Island cruises cost a fraction of the price and our captains do all the work so you enjoy a stress-free day on the water.

How deep is the water?

The average depth of the water at Crab Island is 3 feet. Perfect for relaxing but ever more reason for boat drivers to be cautious. There are some spots that are deeper and others that are more shallow – another reason why it’s better to ride with an experienced captain who knows how to navigate the busy waters and varied depths.

What is there to do at Crab Island?

Sunventure II Crab Island cruises croppedThere’s something for everyone of all ages at Crab Island. Whether you want to relax or want an adventure, it’s all available at Crab Island. You will find many people lounging on floats in the water and listening to music. You will see people renting paddle boards or kayaks to explore the emerald green waters. Floating food vendors are also around and open daily. One of the most popular attractions is the inflatable water park with trampolines, obstacle courses and more. All these Crab Island activities cost an additional price based on the particular vendor so bring additional cash to enjoy these amenities.
Can you drink alcohol at Crab Island?

Vendors are no longer allowed to sell alcohol at Crab Island but guests are welcome to bring their own. If you want to enjoy a safe day of drinking on the water, SunVenture Cruises is the safest option. Guests are welcome to bring their own cooler and have access to it the entire time we are at Crab Island. Our captains do the driving and anchoring and you have fun at a fraction of the price of renting a pontoon boat.

Is Crab Island kid-friendly?
Yes, Crab Island is a popular place for kids and families to enjoy the beautiful emerald green waters. Peak hours for Crab Island are in the afternoon and so kids and families are recommended to go on our early Crab Island cruise to avoid the heat and crowds. The 3-hour morning Crab Island cruise is great for families with small children or those who want to enjoy Crab Island before the afternoon heat settles in. Our 4-hour Crab Island excursion is perfect for those who want to enjoy all that Crab Island has to offer. This afternoon trip is great for those looking for a little bit more time to relax and play.

Are there crabs at Crab Island?

Again, contrary to its name, Crab Island is not an island full of crabs. But you might find local sea life swimming in the emerald green waters of Crab Island including small crabs, fish, hermit crabs, dolphins and more. Our captains are always on the lookout for dolphins as they venture out to Crab Island.

Is there a bathroom at Crab Island?

If you are not on a boat with a restroom, then there is a vendor that you can pay to use a portable bathroom. Luckily, both the SunVenture I and SunVenture II have restrooms on board and our boats stay with you the entire time so you have full access. A huge plus in a time of need and another convenient reason to cruise with us to Crab Island.

What should I bring to Crab Island?
Even if you don’t plan to get in the water you might get wet on the boat so plan accordingly. On SunVenture Cruises, we allow personal coolers that will fit under your seat. For Crab Island, we suggest a towel, sunscreen, extra cash for Crab Island activities if you want to do them, bathing suit, flip flops, waterproof camera or waterproof pouch for your phone.

SunVenture Cruises offers daily cruises to Crab Island. You can join us at 9:45 am for a 3 hour Crab Island Cruise or at 1:30 pm for a four hour Crab Island excursion from either the Destin Harbor location or from Okaloosa Island. Check out our daily Crab Island Cruises schedule and enjoy the most relaxing, convenient and affordable way to experience the one and only Crab Island.

Crab Island Cruises Are Here!

Crab Island Cruises Are Here!

Crab Island Days are Here – let us take you!

SunQuest Cruises is pleased to announce that the SunVenture I Catamaran is kicking off the summer with additional cruise options from the Destin Harbor. The Coast-Guard licensed captains of the SunVenture I are now cruising seven days a week for Crab Island Excursions and Dolphin /Sunset Cruises. In addition, the SunVenture I is extending a new Destin Harbor Fireworks Cruise every Thursday evening for adults only.

“Our Destin locals and visitors enjoyed our chartered Crab Island and Dolphin cruises so much last year that we decided to extend our schedule this year to offer more convenient times,” stated James Murray, General Manager for SunQuest Cruises. “We’re also excited about our new Thursday night Destin Harbor Fireworks Cruise that is catered to adults and couples seeking a romantic night on the water.”

The 45-foot, Guy Harvey-inspired SunVenture I Catamaran offers a variety of memorable experiences on the water, with the Crab Island excursions being the most popular. Cruising daily at 12 p.m., the SunVenture I ‘ventures’ out for three-hour excursions to the world famous Crab Island. Guests enjoy a stress-free day as the Coast Guard licensed captains handle all the driving and drop anchor at the center of all the fun. Crab Island is an underwater playground with a shallow sandbar that offers an experience like no other, including relaxing in the waist-deep waters, live music, inflatable slides, paddle boarding and more. Rest rooms are available on-board the SunVenture I as well as shaded areas and paddleboard / kayak rentals.

Every Thursday in June at 7:30 p.m., the SunVenture I is reserved for adults seeking a magical and serene evening on the water with a Destin Harbor Fireworks cruise. This one and a half hour cruise explores the Destin Harbor at sunset and offers guests the best seat in the house for fireworks as the sky above them illuminates with bright colors.

The close proximity to the water and open-air deck offers SunVenture I guests the closest views of the dolphins on an hour and half educational sunset cruise. Cruising daily at 6:30 p.m., the eco-cruise begins with a narrated tour of the iconic Destin Harbor by the entertaining SunVenture I captains. Guests will cruise into the sunset, learn about the area’s history and enjoy dolphin sightings in the beautiful, emerald green waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

The SunVenture I is also available for private charters for up to 49 people. Guests can rent the boat and the captain for any occasion, including brunches, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, corporate retreats and more. The state-of-the-art sound system and open deck arrangement offers a memorable celebration on the water. Event planners and catering packages are also available.

The SunVenture I is located at 314 Harbor Blvd in Destin Florida, one mile east of the Destin Bridge at Heron Harbor. For additional information, including cruise videos, schedules and online reservations, visit or call 850.424.6465. 

About SunQuest Cruises

Founded in 2004, SunQuest Cruises is a locally-owned and operated company in Miramar Beach, Florida. The company features two distinct cruise experiences. Docked at Sandestin, the 125 foot, three deck SOLARIS is the only dining and entertainment yacht in Northwest Florida, featuring weekly dinner sunset cruises as well as weddings for up to 150 guests. The SunVenture I Catamaran is a 45-foot leisure cruise option docked at the Destin Harbor, offering daily Dolphin, Crab Island and Fireworks cruises for up to 49 guests. For more information, visit or call 850.650.2519.

About SunVenture I Cruises

The SunVenture I Catamaran joined the SunQuest Cruises family in 2012 as a leisure option for Dolphin, Crab Island and Fireworks cruises. Docked at the Destin Harbor, the custom-built vessel is a water lover’s 45-foot sporty catamaran, featuring sea-inspired Guy Harvey artwork. The SunVenture I offers a state-of-the-art sound system and an open air deck for leisure and private cruises for up to 49 people. For additional information, including schedules, cruise videos and online reservations, visit or call850.424.6465.

Docked at the Destin Harbor, the SunVenture I Catamaran now offers Crab Island Excursions and Dolphin/Sunset Cruises seven days a week as well as weekly, adults-only Harbor Fireworks Cruises.